Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is at your disposal for the management of practices for the design of new buildings (industrial, residential / commercial and residential), the restructuring and upgrading of existing buildings, the structural / plant verification and management of technical / organizational measures for the prevention and protection from fire risk.

Our facility operates on applying advanced methods, upon request, the engineering approach to fire prevention (performance approach) that allows you to optimize the activity subject to control by the Master of the Fire Department, organizing the preventive and protective measures (starting from the structural design to finally reach the plane of emergency Management) as a function of the real use of the structure from the users.

Below is a short list of the main activities related to fire prevention:

  • Preparing projects for fire prevention for the request for prior opinion, and renewal of the Fire Prevention Certificate (DPR 151/11);
  • Audit and compliances verification with fire prevention;
  • Feasibility studies for adjustments to the rules of fire prevention;
  • Verification and testing of and fire water systems and fire extinguishing systems;
  • Systems design of hydrants, sprinklers, reels, foam, Water-Mist, Hi-Fog, inert gases off plans;
  • Consulting and supervision in the field of fire prevention;
  • Technical expertise;
  • Technical / legal framework for the management of administrative and / or criminal penalties as a result of claims;
  • Insurance surveys and analysis / administration  of policies;
  • Analysis of fire safety by means  of engineering approach – DM 09/05/2007 (modeling activities and performance analysis).

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