The Security Division operates according to methodologies arising from the application of organizational models for safety in high-risk industries.

The following is a list of the main activities related to the application of the regulations in the areas of:

– Safety and Health at Work and the Construction Sites;
– Safety and Health in the field of Maritime and Port;
– Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) – CE;
– Management of Dangerous Goods (ADR).

  • Check-up Consolidated Safety Work: analysis of the business combination over the compliance with the regulations for the prevention of accidents at work, management of contracts and maintenance. Identification of technical, managerial, operational and training intervention appropriate to the company. Explanation of the Amendments to the legislation recently introduced (Decree 81/08);
  • Taking charge of external R.S.P.P.;
  • Assistance to internal R.S.P.P.;
  • Processing operating procedure for the awarding of contracts;
  • Operational situation analysis and drafting of the risk assessment document  pursuant to art. 17 c.1 D. Decree 81/08;
  • Analysis and preparation of the interference risk assessment unique document (DUVRI) – art. 26 D. Decree 81/08;
  • Specialist assessments, surveys / measurements and drafting documentation:
    * ATEX – Explosion;
    * Electrical Hazard;
    * Fire risk;
    * Chemical risk;
    * Noise risk;
    * Vibration risk;
    * Manual handling of loads risk [ISO 11228];
    * Optical radiation risk;
    * Electromagnetic fields risk;
    * Risk for working mothers [D. Decree 151/01];
    * Microclimate risk;
    * Risk of work-related stress;
    * Risk from repetitive movements;
    * Risks associated with the environment;
    * Risks associated with the use of machinery and equipment;
    * Risks associated with operating modes.
  • Implementation of work and safety management systems (Work Safe, Guidelines UNI-INAIL, OHSAS 18001) and assistance for certification and maintenance;
  • Analysis of contracts and powers of attorney;
  • Preparation of the management system of contracts;
  • Preparing of operational procedures;
  • Taking office of coordinator for safety in the design and execution;
  • Assistance to the coordinator for safety in the design and execution;
  • Drafting of Safety Plan Coordination (PSC);
  • Drafting of Operational Safety Plan (POS) and Plan-Use Assembly and disassembly of scaffolding (Pi.MUS);
  • Specialist assessments;
  • Technical expertise in the field of safety and health at work and construction sites;
  • Consulting and design for safety in the shipyards for work in ports and on board fishing vessels (DD. Decree 271/99, 272/99 and 298/99);
  • Analysis of conformity of machinery / equipment / machinery to applicable safety legislations  and design interventions for processing in accordance with the intervention project and estimated costs;
  • Drafting of all echnical documentation necessary for CE marking (manual and maintenance, technical documentation, report PED, …);
  • Taking office of  Consultant of Road Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR – Legislative Decree 40/00 and Legislative Decree 35/10);
  • Drafting of procedures manual for the safe transport of dangerous goods;
  • Audit of compliance with the specific regulations (ADR – IMDG – IATA and Multimode);
  • Preparation of the Annual Report (ADR);
  • Advice for the management of transport with particular problems and optimization of safety in the transport of dangerous goods (ADR – IMDG – IATA and Multi).


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